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More Geometrico is an interdisciplinary research group devoted to the investigation of the increasingly fundamental role played by geometrical and topological ideas and methods in the most important fields of science.


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Next meeting: Trieste, October 6-8 2009

Topics: Motor Cognition, Internal Representation of Space, Space and Movement, Perceiving Motion, Shapes and Colors.

Speakers and Contributors: Anna Berti, Ugo Bruzzo, Giovanna Citti, Yann Coello, Albert Compte, Gergely Csibra, Ilan Dinstein, Tamar Flash, Bharathi Jagadeesh, Kate Jeffery, Jan Koenderink, Emilio Kropff, Francesco Lacquaniti, Elisabetta Ladavas, Angelika Lingnau, Edvard Moser, Kevin O’Regan, Edmund Rolls, Raffaella Rumiati, Corrado Sinigaglia, Alessandro Treves, Giorgio Vallortigara.

Special Event at teatro Miela on Wednesday, 7th October.


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